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Client testimonials

Thank you for all of your hard work and tenacity to get this to where you have.

Phil Webb, CEO, C7 Health

Thanks we are very content that our fate is in your very capable hands. Regardless of the outcome today, we would be very happy to supply your service with a glowing testimonial. Couldn’t have been happier with it.

Dave and Barbara Noble

This is a superb report, and I’m very very impressed by the content. Beautifully structured and very disciplined.

Ian Sutherland McCook, 1 Architects Ltd

You’ve been such a help.

Friends of St Fittick's Park

I just want to take this moment to thank you for all the assistance in getting this. You’ll definitely have to come and view it once we open 😉 Thank you again for all your help, we couldn’t of done this without you.

Deejay Bullock - Four Pillars

Impressive – we could never have presented this ourselves.

Pierre Fouin

Thanks also for your efforts on this project, in particular your thoroughness which has been notable throughout.

Murray Alexander, XIC

I am super impressed with the work…

Jess Christman

Maggie/Pippa - The councils have their work cut out when you’re on the case with planning applications, great work. I wouldn’t have got the planning permission if it wasn’t for your report/support and you took all the hassle away from me which I really liked.

Ellen Falconer

You have been a beacon of light, sanity and high intelligence.

John and Gill Sinclair

I am indebted to your tenacity and professionalism.

Nicola Baird, Schivas Estate

I must say we are very pleased with the content and style of your report.   We have read heaps of reports but very few read so easily yet contain so much.

John Urquhart, Mille Bothy Limited

Maggie and Pippa are great to work with and I shall be using Aurora Planning in all my future planning matters.

Peter Bartholemew

I’d like to express what a professional and courteous service. I would not have been able to put together such a comprehensive case without your expertise. Thank you.

Hilary Macdonald

A lovely piece of work which I will be very proud to submit for Not Coul.

John Campbell QC

Dr Margaret Bochel clearly has huge experience and a clear logical mind. She has elegantly argued the case, examined and interpreted the guidelines so convincingly that we are full of admiration.

Sandy Coppins

Team – thank you so much for all your effort and hard work on this project. Really appreciate your input it has been great teamwork… We have thrown everything at this and I feel really satisfied with whatever outcome…Thanks again been great fun.

Iftikar Mian, Alhikmah Foundation

Pippa and Maggie – great contribution and much appreciated.

David Fryer, Torry Development Trust

That’s good work, you’ve made a compelling case for us! Thanks again for the support that you have given us thus far.

Jim McPhail, Gravitate North East

I have been working with Maggie and Pippa for a couple of months and I could not be happier with all the work they have done. They go above and beyond and are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you so so much for all your amazing work.

Kelly Rose, LBR

Don’t think that we would have managed to get this over the line without you. It could have been a smoother process had we spoken to you up front. Thank you thank you thank you.

Cathy Marston